(Informal) Practices e.g. tacit conventions, subtle cues, intuitions, sensitivities, embodied understandings etc. are crucial to the success of independent acting. The attempt to articulate them and other elements of professional acting in formalized settings (e.g. codes of conduct etc.) may compromise the very origin of those practices and leave practitioners in a situation of confusion and ambivalence between stated targets and the need, wish, and goal to perform successfully. The limitations of formalized standards and therefore formalization of work especially manifest in activities that ex ante aren’t plannable – particularly in interactive work and (technical) innovation work.

PräFo tries to identify the tensions between formalized work on the one hand and informal work, situated actions, and informal practices on the other hand and their effects on practitioners. In a second step preventive strategies of work and health protection are to be established against the background of formalized independent acting.